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People with E-Mail Viruses

In this day and age, I find it incomprehensible that people do not have virus checkers on their computers. Even more incomprehensible is the fact that people do and are possibly too cheap to ugrade their automatic subscriptions. The end result is that these people could have infected machines, not even know it, and potentially contribute to infecting their entire address book. For me it's become more than an annoyance. Imagine trying to concentrate, typing a series of monthly reports (or some other involved thing), only to be interrupted every five minutes by a series of annoying virus pop-up warnings. Folks, it's way past getting old. So for those people who prefer to be embarrassed into finally getting a virus checker (or better yet - take me out of your address book, please), the following will contain a running list of the networks and e-mail servers that I've been receiving 100 Beagle, Netsky and MyDoom emails per day:

Infected E-Mail Servers
Country   Network   Originating E-Mail Server   Server IP
Australia   Power Pact
Brazil   Comite Gestor
Brazil   Telefonica
Brazil   Univ. Paraíba   (none)
Brazil   Velox
Canada   TELUS
El Salvador   CTE SA de CV   (none)
France   Wanadoo
Greece   OTEnet
Italy   FastWeb
Italy   Libero-Infostrada
Malaysia   Menara Telekom   (none)
Malaysia   TMNET   (none)
Netherlands   chello/A2000
Norway   DAXNET
Poland   TPNET
Poland   TPNET
Portugal   Novis Telecom
Portugal   Telepac
Russia   North-West Telecom
Russia   VMB-Service Ltd   (none)
Spain   Telefonica
Spain   TeleCable
Taiwan   Taiwan Tele.
Tanzania   Tanzania Tele.
UAE   Emirates Tele.   (none)
UK   Energis
UK   Mistral   (none)
Ukraine   Ukrtelecom
USA-??   Comcast
USA-??   Mindspring
USA-??   Road Runner
USA-AZ   Arizona Univ.
USA-CA   Covad Comms.
USA-CO   Mile High Online
USA-FL   Comcast
USA-IN   Purdue Univ.
USA-KS   Rural Tele.
USA-MA   Charter Comms.
USA-MD   Verizon
USA-MI   Wide Open West
USA-NC   Road Runner
USA-NJ   Comcast
USA-NJ   Comcast
USA-NY   Mediacom Comms
USA-OH   FrogNet
USA-TX   SBC Internet
USA-TX   TXU Comms.
USA-VA   Comcast
USA-VA   Univ. Virginia
USA-WA   Marketry

Since the majority of these virus emails have forged From: addresses there is no way for sure to know who these are coming from. Please also note that the IPs listed are the e-mail servers from which these virii are originating from - not necessarily the IP address of the infected user. Hopefully this list won't get longer than it already is.

When I stop getting viruses from these e-mail servers I will take them off the list.
Come on guys... clean it up already!

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