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Software Geared to the Shortwave Hobbyist

SNOW!!! - 15-17 February 2003 - ˜18"

No Way is that thing going anywhere. Staying put for the meantime. [Hint: Notice the large drift in the way]

The Driveway From Hell (aka: You want me to shovel what?!?)

I Finally Gave Up at this point. If it weren't for the Explorer, we'd be sunk. 4WD RULES!!!

The Mailman Hates Me and now everyone will know why.

I Think The Antenna Survived somewhere in that mess. Who can find the MLB and the randomwire? (I think the MLB is actually on a tree, to the left, outside the range of this pic)

The Stick Lies After 8" of pure sleet Sunday evening, it must have compressed it somewhat.

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